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 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks

Patio and Driveways

At Thanet Building and Groundworks our team complete the professional laying of patios, the addition of a patio can help you to improve you and your families' overall quality of life.

Well installed patios represent an area of your home perfect for summer entertaining or relaxation at the end of a hard day; whatever your needs or wants for your new patio we will help your dreams become reality.

As with all things in life, if you wish to do something well, it is worthwhile calling in the help of experts. With over 25 years experience our qualified team will create a long-lasting patio that is fit for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy for many years to come.

If you are selling your home, a well-installed patio will add value as this type of installation in many peoples eyes increases the homes habitable area.

Patios in Thanet are available in a vast range of styles as patio stones come in various types some more popular grades of stone include Yorkstone, Granite, and Natural stone.

The key to your patio lasting as long as possible is like many of our other services down to preparation. Our qualified team will pay particular attention at this stage as solid preparation ensures a long lifespan for your new patio.

Patio and Driveway Patio and Driveway
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks
 Gallery Image - Thanet Building and Groundworks

Tarmacadam Driveway

A well laid Tarmacadam driveway will give your home an excellent appearance well-installed Tarmacadam is a functional and attractive alternative to the more commonly laid surfaces of Gravel and Block Paving. Your drive is a visitor’s first impression of your home Tarmac ensures it’s a good one.

This surface in comparison to others is reasonably cheap and fast to install, Tarmacadam also stands up well to the British weather and is renowned for coping well with fair to heavy use.

The above reasons among others mean that Tarmacadam is used extensively on British roads, choosing this style of driveway means you will reap the same benefits.

Tarmacadam drives are also relatively easy to maintain, on the rare occasion the need for repairs should arise they can be carried out with minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Should you be looking for something a little more unusual or wish your driveway to stand out from the crowd, our team can install Tarmacadam driveways in various colours; popular colours include rusty colour reds.

There is a high level of skill involved with the laying of Tarmacadam driveways it is, therefore, essential to choose a contractor carefully; our team hold the relevant NVQ qualifications to ensure your new Tarmacadam driveway is laid to an acceptable level of competency.

As with all of our driveway installations, preparation is key; we take all of the necessary precautions and follow all recommended industry standards to ensure your driveway lasts for many years to come.

Gravel Drives

Gravel driveways in Thanet are a popular choice for our customers who wish to benefit from the installation of a high-quality, stylish driveway at a lower cost than block paving or tarmacadam.

Gravel driveways are a cost-effective way of creating a new driveway which is big on style yet does not cost the earth, our team have over 25 years experience in the installation of this versatile and attractive driveway type.

Gravel driveways can be big on Kerb appeal; this is due to the fact that of the various stone types available there are many which have an eye-catching look this, in turn, creates a fantastic first impression of your home.

Typically our team complete gravel driveways using angular stone this gravel finish means the stones lock together which in turn serves to reduce movement and means when a car drives on the surface the stone stays in place instead of scattering.

When it comes to gravel, the fact there are thousands of aggregate types for you to choose from means there is guaranteed to be a stone type to suit your needs.

Driveway edgings or "side forms" prevent gravel from being spread over your lawn or the immediate surrounding area of your drive, side forms are also a legitimate way of adding your unique style to your new drive.

Patio and Driveway Patio and Driveway Patio and Driveway

Free Estimates, Quotes & Advice

We believe in being totally transparent in everything we do and that includes our estimate, quotes and payment processes.

Our on-site surveys enable you to discuss the details of your upcoming project in the comfort of your own home; We do not employ salespeople instead a member of our qualified team will conduct your site visit.

When we come and see you to talk about a project, we will take some thorough notes about what it is you are trying to do and take all the measurements that we need to give you a personal and accurate quote.

We aim for the quote to be with you within a few days and it will include costs and details of how long the project will take to complete. Once you are happy with that, we can shedule you and give you exact date of when works will start and milestone payment, if applicable.


At that point we take a 10% deposit for the total cost of the job including aterials and labour.

Once we start your project, depending on the size of the job we may ask for milestone payments part way through but that is usually only on the bigger jobs.

Then, when the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied, we will ask for the balance which we are happy to accept by bank transfer (BACS), cheque or cash.